jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

santa iglesia catedral de oviedo

Use a suitable pen (e.g. a black permanent marker of fine or medium thickness) to draw the characters the way that you normally write. Make sure you draw your characters into the designated cells.

Only characters that are written down on the template are added to the font, so if you only need a few characters, then only write those down. If you don't want accented characters, you can skip page two of the template.

All cells (except the signature cell) contain horizontal guidelines (actually four little marks on both left and right side of each cell) that should help you write the characters in the right dimensions, and in the best possible position in each cell.

The image below illustrates how to get the best results (first row) and what you should avoid (second row).

El juez garzón y el PP

Vaya lio que tiene Rajoy.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

bomba atómica

[Picture: The Destructive Power of Plutonium]

Nuclear power is a type of nuclear technology involving the controlled use of nuclear fission to release energy for work including propulsion, heat, and the generation of electricity. Nuclear energy is produced by a controlled nuclear chain reaction and creates heat—which is used to boil water, produce steam, and drive a steam turbine. The turbine can be used for mechanical work and also to generate electricity.

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